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Replacing animal testing

Welcome to XCELLR8!

We are a contract testing laboratory committed to the full replacement of animal testing.

XCELLR8 provides non-animal testing solutions to cosmetics, personal care and household product companies and their ingredient suppliers. We help our client companies to develop safe and innovative new products, to comply with legislation, and to adopt animal-free testing strategies that are both scientifically advanced and ethically sound.

Our UK-based lab is GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) accredited, which means that we are able to provide companies with test results that can be used at a regulatory level to demonstrate product safety.

XCELLR8 actively participates in the global drive for the replacement of animal testing through research, training programmes and campaigns.

About XCellr8


Our UK-based lab is GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) accredited.

What's New?

24 Sep 15

XCellR8 posters well received at the EUSAAT conference

The conference of the European Society for Alternatives to Animal Testing (EUSAAT) took place in Linz, Austria last week, and XCellR8’s 2 posters on our latest animal-free safety tests were very well received.  Our Study Director, Nathalie, presented the posters and received a lot of positive feedback and support.  One poster detailed our work to […]

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23 Sep 15

Blog: The Leaping Bunny and A Tropic-al Evening in Manchester

by our founder Dr Carol Treasure.   Recently, I was delighted to be asked to give a talk to a dynamic group of women in Manchester, who were interested in learning more about the current status of animal testing for cosmetics. They had gathered in a lovely apartment in the city to sample the products […]

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20 Aug 15

Replacing the LD50 with a human cell based test

This week in the lab we’ll be working on our special project (funded by Innovate UK) to develop a human cell-based alternative to the traditional animal tests for acute toxicity. We’ve been testing 10 different cosmetic ingredients from a range of categories (eg preservatives, colours, surfactants, fragrances) to assess their effect on human skin cells […]

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